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XLNT  Speaker Stands

Sound Reinforcement

Made For  Recording Engineers

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27 Vertical   4 x 7.jpg
27 Horizontal   4 x 7.jpg
ADJ1 Back to Back Tall.jpg
ADJ1 Front to Front Tall w Speaker.jpg
ADJ1 Front to Front Tall.jpg
ADJ1 Front to Front Short.jpg
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High Quality

We use heavy duty, welded and precision machined materials.  Our products are manufactured to  industry standards.

Three Year, Unlimited Warranty On  Material And Workmanship

All of our products carry a three  year, unlimited warranty on material and workmanship.  We will replace any defective part at no charge during the warranty period.

Adjustable and Rotating Platforms to Insure Desired Speaker Placement

Our units are designed to pivot and rotate insuring a speaker placement that is customizable to the engineer.

Sleek Isolation Design

Our stands are designed to be separate the speakers off of the recording desk or console enabling a an isolated speaker response for the engineer

Workstation 1 Fded.jpg
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Workstation 2 Final.jpg
tree Stand on Wood.jpg
tree Stand w console on Wood.jpg

DanMark can design and build custom items such as console stands and other metal audio fixtures to your exact specifications

Pros and semi pros agree, XLNT Products will meet or exceed your sound support expectiona.


XLNT Stands have made a critical difference in my mixing.  Their isolating design helps me to keep my mix in focus and accurate

Russ Barber


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Studio with Stands 6.32 x 2.26.jpg
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